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Day 15

30 Apr

Tonight’s post will be short and sweet since I am up wayyyyy too late. I keep seeing in some of the FB groups that people are so glad that their cravings are gone after juicing for a short while…Well, today I’ve seriously wanted some chocolate and almond butter! I bet you can guess what time of the month it is 😉 I suppose that’s a better craving then warm krispy kreme donuts which are absolute poison but it’s still not juice. When this happened last month when I first went raw and was still eating food, I made an awesome dessert that totally satisfied my craving; banana ice cream….I took 3 frozen bananas (because less makes it difficult to make…I didn’t eat it all-I shared;) and put them into the Vitamix with some almond butter, raw cacao powder (can use cocoa powder too) a dash of vanilla extract & a dash of cinnamon….pure heaven! I could soooo have gone for that today! but instead, I had lots of GREEN juice!

3 cucumber  1.5 fennel bulb  5 stalks celery  2 leaves chard  3 lemons  2 inches ginger

3 cucumber
1.5 fennel bulb
5 stalks celery
2 leaves chard
3 lemons
2 inches ginger

Day 14-first restaurant outing since juicing

28 Apr

Day 14 has my blood sugar in the normal ranges all day with about 1/3 of the insulin I was taking last month! I’m hoping that with my blood sugar being back to normal, that will help my body fight this absolutely awful staph infection. I haven’t talked much about it because its gross and miserable and I’ve been trying a number of different natural remedies but nothing has gotten rid of it yet. However, since my sugars have come down, it seems to be improving a little bit…I’ve also been using something topically called medihoney which is helping (plus tea tree oil)..but I just want this gone…forever…and fast.

This evening my husband and I went out to Campbell University to see our friend Lisa’s daughter (who is also my friend) perform in her dance recital…she did a great job. After the performance Lisa, my husband James & I went to the Waffle House just up the road. It’s a small town and that’s what was open. Until today, I had not set foot in a restaurant since i started juicing. Even before juicing, Waffle House was not on my list of choices for eating as I was gluten free and don’t eat pork (plus on the rare occasion I might have indulged in a waffle, I couldn’t do it there b/c they don’t have real butter…just “spread”…yuck). It is, however, one of James’ favorite places as he loves their burgers and their hash browns “all the way” sans the ham and sausage gravy. Since it was late, James just ordered the pecan pie. Lisa had eggs & hash browns w onions. {I do REALLY miss eggs} I had a large mason jar of Mean Green Hulk juice. The staff was intrigued and had to ask about the contents of my jar. A really wonderful conversation followed about health and different styles of diet and so on. The waitress is a young mother of a toddler who lost an aunt to diabetes. Her aunt was the same age as my mom when she died of diabetes – 47. We talked about how important it is to be prepared with foods (or juice) you can have when you leave the house. My “trick” is that any time I leave the house, I bring all of my juice I would need for the rest of the day in my cute cooler bag (pictured below) with ice packs. Picking something cute and pink definitely increases my likelihood of using it:) Some days you roll out of bed with a plan but nothing your day goes accordingly. To be successful with any eating plan, being prepared is imperative. Juicing just makes it easy. Juice once, have everything you need for the rest of your day-simple


A great documentary on the power juicing can have on health is Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead. It’s currently free for a limited time on YouTube. Check out the trailer I’d love to know what you think!

Day 13

27 Apr

At the end of day 13 I am enjoying a nice cup of herbal tea. Today we went to synagogue up in Cary ( ) and I was able to get some shopping done for organic ingredients at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I am finding that the grocery bill is close to twice what it was before, however, it turns out that I purchased more then I needed last week so this week was a bit more manageable. However, I think that the more familiar I become with recipes and amounts of ingredients, I will have a better handle on this.

Again today, I found myself surrounded by people who are so supportive of me while doing this juice fast. It really makes such a difference. Social situations can be cause for a bit of anxiety while doing a juice fast but the more I engage, the happier I am that I do and the more support I see around me.

Speaking of social situations, there is one that happened last week that is absolutely worth mentioning. On day 5 of my juice fast I hosted a Pampered Chef party. For those that know me, you know that I LOVE their stuff and use Pampered Chef tools in my kitchen daily, even while doing my juice fast. The party had been planned since before I decided to do my fast and I had already changed the date once before so I didn’t want to do it again. I made some extra juice that day and sipped a brilliant purple juice out of a beautiful wine glass (complete with a hand-made wine charm) while I watched Sabrina prepare some wonderful dishes and my guests enjoy them. I will say that I really was sorry I couldn’t eat the strawberry spinach salad but when the smells of lemon and garlic chicken filled my kitchen, that a became difficult. However, my husband was glad for some cooked food and enjoyed his every bite-in the other room…he did not want to be in the middle of my “ladies night”. I also served water that had been infused with lemon, cucumber & mint so those that weren’t drinking wine would also have something fun to drink. It was a really fun evening and my new pampered chef “must have” is definitely the pineapple slicer. (If u have any “must have PC items, we’re not closing the show till May 1 so we can take advantage of the “whip cancer” items. Feel free to contact me with questions )

Today’s juices were variations on some juices from my 21 day raw reset cleanse:

    Iron Builder

      1 beet
      3-4 leaves of beet greens ( I didn’t have any so I used half a hard of green leaf lettuce)
      1 carrot
      3 ribs celery
      1 lime
      (I doubled this recipe)


        Liquid Green Vitamin Juice

          4 asparagus spears
          3 ribs celery
          1 cup green or purple cabbage (I used green)
          1/2 green apple
          1 lime
          (I added a handful of dandelion greens, a large cucumber, tripled the asparagus & lime and doubled the green apple)

          Sorry I didn’t take pictures but I on Friday nights I make my entire Saturday’s portion of juice so it’s ready to go in the morning. Leaving the house prepared is key! Thanks again to my friends for being so supportive 🙂


Juice Fast Day 12

27 Apr

I’m at the end of day 12 and yesterday I started my insulin again..that was a smart thing to do…My sugars were back to normal by the time I went to bed last night and have been in or near the normal range today. I’m feeling much better.

I ventured out today (I’ve been a home-body throughout much of this process-especially when my sugars were high) to a festival in downtown Fayetteville where my husband played trumpet with his Brass Quintet from work. They were fantastic! And I got to see a number of people I haven’t seen for a while which was nice. People I saw who have been keeping up with me on Facebook were so encouraging about my juice fast. That felt really great.

Speaking of my husband, he has been so supportive throughout my detox and juice fast. He is even drinking a juice every day! He’s also incorporated smoothies into his diet and when I was preparing raw meals, he joined me for them so I would not have to make him something different. That was super helpful…he also put up with quite a bit. Day 4 of my Raw Reset I woke up CRAVING (craving like I would have scratched someone’s eyes out to get some) eggs…I came out into the kitchen and he had just put some turkey bacon in a pan to make himself bacon and eggs…I made it clear, in no uncertain terms that there was absolutely no way I could handle him making eggs that day (for some reason the day before when he made them, it wasn’t a problem). He was so understanding and put everything away.  Support during this process is a must.  Thankfully, my husband goes above and beyond.  I couldn’t ask for a better support system 🙂  After I had my morning juice, I felt much better-as in I suddenly knew that I could handle eggs being cooked in my kitchen…apparently that juice had a bunch of iron in it (from beets & greens)…guess I needed extra iron that day;)  He had already decided that he would have a smoothie that morning.

I also had a fantastic conversation with a Nancy, who is a friend on Facebook (where would we be without Facebook?) that I met on a Whole Foods message board when we first moved to NC nearly 2 years ago.  Turns out she is a nutritional consultant who kicked diabetes without ever going on meds.  She had some great insight and ideas that I can incorporate now, as well as some I’m not quite ready for but will keep in mind for down the road.

Well, that’s all for day 12…which has now turned into day 13…but it won’t really be day 13 until I wake up right?  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

A Path to Raw and Juicing-my journey through day 11

25 Apr

Back in March of 2013, a Facebook friend, Catherine, (who isn’t someone I’ve had the opportunity to actually hang out with in real life…yet;) posted that she was planning on doing ‘s 30day smoothie challenge ( ) and asked who wanted to join her? I thought, why not? The goal is just to add one green smoothie to your diet a day without necessarily taking anything away. After 30 days, I enjoyed the smoothies so much, I kept on doing them. Right before I went out of town for a friend’s wedding in HI, I saw some info on a 21 day raw reset cleanse (also by young and raw) and then didn’t think much more about it.

While in Hawaii I reconnected with my friend Tisha who I had not seen in 5 years. She was the women’s pastor at the church I became a believer at in 2003. (quick background-I lived in HI for 7 years & moved away in 2008). While I was at her house, her friend Keiger stopped by (turns out I knew him when I lived in HI-he’s now a pastor in Honolulu) who was so excited to talk about his new plant based diet. I was asking for healing from my type 2 diabetes that I have been dealing with for 13+ years. I had recently had to up my insulin and I was just so frustrated. I had been prayed for on that subject in the past but since He had not answered yet, I just knew I needed to ask for more prayer. When we were done praying, the 21 Day Raw Reset Cleanse was stuck in my head like a broken record. I really felt like G-d was leading me straight to the cleanse to receive healing.

In addition to my diabetes, I had another health issue I asked for healing from. In February of 2012 when my dad went into the hospital, I developed a staph infection. I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time as I figured the blemishes developing under my arms were from stress…I got it diagnosed and cultured in September of 2012, took antibiotics (which I hate because of all the side effects) and it went away. Then in December of 2012, it came back…I went on a different antibiotic plus an additional antibiotic cream and it went away, we hoped for good….but then in March of 2013 it returned…It took a month to get a Dr. appointment (this is one of the challenges with military medical care) and it was cultured last week…I’m waiting for the results…However since the antibiotics didn’t work to eradicate the infection the first 2 times, I really would like a different solution…Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over again but expecting a different result? I have tried a couple of different natural solutions but so far nothing has kicked it.

April 1st 2013 I started the 21 Day Raw Reset Cleanse. I had been eating according to a mostly paleo lifestyle for the last nearly 2 years (no processed sugar, grains or legumes with animal products being wild, grass fed or pasture raised) so I have been big on meat and poultry as my main protein sources. I wasn’t sure how I would do on this but it went better than I expected. My diet consisted of freshly made juices, smoothies, salads with homemade dressings & raw meals that tasted better then I expected. I immediately had to start lowering my insulin and by the middle of the second week was on less then half of the dose I was when I started the cleanse. (I have been on 2 different types of insulin, taking one in the morning and at night before bed [Lantis] and the other before meals (Novolog)-about 225 units per day between the 2 of them).

Many people in the Facebook support group for the cleanse reported feeling fabulous after just a couple of days….I did not…I was detoxing heavily and did not start to really feel better until week 3.

The 3rd week of the cleanse was a juice fast. A few days into it, I thought I would like to do a 30 day juice fast. I really want to see my body healed and I figured if I give it a break from concentrating on digesting food, it can spend that energy on healing. I decided to go off my meds entirely during the juice fast…this turned out to be a pretty lousy idea. I gave my body 10 days to regulate and by day 10 of the juice fast I was having pretty high sugars so I’m back on insulin. I had blood work done on day 19 of the cleanse (day 5 of the juice fast portion) and will have it done again in a few weeks. My doctor wasn’t thrilled with my trying no insulin but I assured her that if my sugars did not regulate that I would go back on and I kept my word.

The Facebook support groups are so super helpful with this journey. The day after I mentioned to my husband that I was considering a 30 day juice fast, a woman named Julie who is in Canada posted in the 21 day raw reset that she was on day fifty-something of her 60 day juice fast. I thought wow…maybe I can do that! But I will see how I feel after 30 days. Today is day 11. As a diabetic, I am aware that some things that work wonderfully for other people don’t always have the same positive effect on me. However, when I completed the 21 day raw reset, I was down 14 pounds and was successfully able to reduce my insulin by more then half. I’m pretty pleased with those results and excited to see what is down the road on my juicing journey!