Day 13

27 Apr

At the end of day 13 I am enjoying a nice cup of herbal tea. Today we went to synagogue up in Cary ( ) and I was able to get some shopping done for organic ingredients at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I am finding that the grocery bill is close to twice what it was before, however, it turns out that I purchased more then I needed last week so this week was a bit more manageable. However, I think that the more familiar I become with recipes and amounts of ingredients, I will have a better handle on this.

Again today, I found myself surrounded by people who are so supportive of me while doing this juice fast. It really makes such a difference. Social situations can be cause for a bit of anxiety while doing a juice fast but the more I engage, the happier I am that I do and the more support I see around me.

Speaking of social situations, there is one that happened last week that is absolutely worth mentioning. On day 5 of my juice fast I hosted a Pampered Chef party. For those that know me, you know that I LOVE their stuff and use Pampered Chef tools in my kitchen daily, even while doing my juice fast. The party had been planned since before I decided to do my fast and I had already changed the date once before so I didn’t want to do it again. I made some extra juice that day and sipped a brilliant purple juice out of a beautiful wine glass (complete with a hand-made wine charm) while I watched Sabrina prepare some wonderful dishes and my guests enjoy them. I will say that I really was sorry I couldn’t eat the strawberry spinach salad but when the smells of lemon and garlic chicken filled my kitchen, that a became difficult. However, my husband was glad for some cooked food and enjoyed his every bite-in the other room…he did not want to be in the middle of my “ladies night”. I also served water that had been infused with lemon, cucumber & mint so those that weren’t drinking wine would also have something fun to drink. It was a really fun evening and my new pampered chef “must have” is definitely the pineapple slicer. (If u have any “must have PC items, we’re not closing the show till May 1 so we can take advantage of the “whip cancer” items. Feel free to contact me with questions )

Today’s juices were variations on some juices from my 21 day raw reset cleanse:

    Iron Builder

      1 beet
      3-4 leaves of beet greens ( I didn’t have any so I used half a hard of green leaf lettuce)
      1 carrot
      3 ribs celery
      1 lime
      (I doubled this recipe)


        Liquid Green Vitamin Juice

          4 asparagus spears
          3 ribs celery
          1 cup green or purple cabbage (I used green)
          1/2 green apple
          1 lime
          (I added a handful of dandelion greens, a large cucumber, tripled the asparagus & lime and doubled the green apple)

          Sorry I didn’t take pictures but I on Friday nights I make my entire Saturday’s portion of juice so it’s ready to go in the morning. Leaving the house prepared is key! Thanks again to my friends for being so supportive 🙂



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