Day 14-first restaurant outing since juicing

28 Apr

Day 14 has my blood sugar in the normal ranges all day with about 1/3 of the insulin I was taking last month! I’m hoping that with my blood sugar being back to normal, that will help my body fight this absolutely awful staph infection. I haven’t talked much about it because its gross and miserable and I’ve been trying a number of different natural remedies but nothing has gotten rid of it yet. However, since my sugars have come down, it seems to be improving a little bit…I’ve also been using something topically called medihoney which is helping (plus tea tree oil)..but I just want this gone…forever…and fast.

This evening my husband and I went out to Campbell University to see our friend Lisa’s daughter (who is also my friend) perform in her dance recital…she did a great job. After the performance Lisa, my husband James & I went to the Waffle House just up the road. It’s a small town and that’s what was open. Until today, I had not set foot in a restaurant since i started juicing. Even before juicing, Waffle House was not on my list of choices for eating as I was gluten free and don’t eat pork (plus on the rare occasion I might have indulged in a waffle, I couldn’t do it there b/c they don’t have real butter…just “spread”…yuck). It is, however, one of James’ favorite places as he loves their burgers and their hash browns “all the way” sans the ham and sausage gravy. Since it was late, James just ordered the pecan pie. Lisa had eggs & hash browns w onions. {I do REALLY miss eggs} I had a large mason jar of Mean Green Hulk juice. The staff was intrigued and had to ask about the contents of my jar. A really wonderful conversation followed about health and different styles of diet and so on. The waitress is a young mother of a toddler who lost an aunt to diabetes. Her aunt was the same age as my mom when she died of diabetes – 47. We talked about how important it is to be prepared with foods (or juice) you can have when you leave the house. My “trick” is that any time I leave the house, I bring all of my juice I would need for the rest of the day in my cute cooler bag (pictured below) with ice packs. Picking something cute and pink definitely increases my likelihood of using it:) Some days you roll out of bed with a plan but nothing your day goes accordingly. To be successful with any eating plan, being prepared is imperative. Juicing just makes it easy. Juice once, have everything you need for the rest of your day-simple


A great documentary on the power juicing can have on health is Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead. It’s currently free for a limited time on YouTube. Check out the trailer I’d love to know what you think!


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