Day 17 & 18

2 May

Last couple of days have been busy! Thanks to my dear friends with serious OCD, Carolynn & Karra, my garage is finally getting organized & I’m able to get rid of things that have been dragged from state to state & house to house without ever making it out of a box! At the rate we are going, I may even be able to fit a car in the garage this summer 🙂

Back to juicing….the last couple of days have been a bit tougher…I thought it would be smooth sailing after I got over my chocolate craving. I’m just starting to miss food…both cooked & raw. Part of that might be that I’ve been cooking and preparing food for other people the last couple of days and the delicious food smells linger in my kitchen a bit.

Also, because of the schedule of garage cleaning, I didn’t start drinking my juice until almost lunch time for the last 2 days…I’m sure that didn’t help. But then I remember that I’m only on 1/3 of the insulin I was on when I started this journey at the beginning of April plus I’m close to hitting the 20lb weight loss milestone.

This was today’s juice which is a good go-to juice when you don’t want to have to think too much about juice and you want to just get it done. Joe’s Mean Green

I’m also thinking that although I have 78 different juice recipes pinned on my Pinterest juice board, it might be easier when I actually have a menus for the week planned out. My first week of juicing had a menu planned by youngandraw ‘s 21 day raw reset. The second week, I actually planned out all of the juices I would be making before I went shopping and had the menu out by the juicer so in the morning I would just pick 2 juices that sounded good for that day. This week I have been winging it…I may go back to juice menu-planning. I think it helps make this process easier.

Well off to bed…well, Pinterest & then bed…I think I’m going to pick out tomorrow’s juice recipes.


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