Day 19

4 May

My husband and I planned on going on an overnight retreat this weekend with our synagogue and last night I started freaking out a bit and thought I might not go. The facility is at a state park and is beautiful but I was a bit freaked out about my juice fast…the hotel rooms don’t have a fridge and trying to wash the juicer in a bathroom sink would be a nightmare. Today I actually called the facility and they are happy to accommodate me. There is a fridge at the dining facility I can store my produce in and make my juice there…panic ended abruptly! I know that some people make juice ahead of time and freeze it but I think given the long time my juice would be outside of the freezer coupled with the fact that you are supposed to drink the juice as it defrosts, I would loose most of the nutritional value in the juice….so, I will be packing up my juicer and away we will go:)

It’s Derby time in KY (we lived in Louisville for a couple of years) so to honor this festive time of year, today’s juice was in an Oaks glass (KY Oaks is a day of horse racing at Churchill Downs the day before the KY Derby).


If you are curious about the orange peels in the mason jar behind my glass, I save citrus peels to make home made, non-toxic cleaners

I just thought of another reason to make a menu instead of “winging” it….I have no idea what this morning’s juice was….but it’s green and it had oranges in it :/

My second juice of the day was a modified version of red hot juice ….below are my ingredients…I also added (not pictured) 2 green onions….this was a winner!


Well, off to bed…got a bunch going on tomorrow!


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