Day 20 & 21-1st weight-loss milestone

5 May

I wanted to post yesterday but was up late talking to friends at the family retreat we are on. I am having an absolute blast! Its been an amazing time of fellowship. We live an hour away from our synagogue so sometimes its hard to really connect with people since we often can’t be at various events held during the week.

The staff here at Haw River State Park has gone above and beyond to help me make sure I have access to everything I need so I can continue juicing. Because of insurance I’m not allowed in the facility’s kitchen but they have a refrigerator in one of the dining areas with a counter right next to it…so I was able to store my produce and do all my juicing this morning…my little set up is pictured below.


The staff rinsed my produce for me and supplied me with a cutting board, a knife & a 2 quart pitcher. I ended up getting into a great conversation about juicing and health with the Park Superintendent, Kelley. She remarked about how good my juice smelled so I gave her some mean green juice to try. She was surprised that she liked it šŸ™‚ Below is a picture of Kelley with her first green juice sample


All this to say that all of the anxiety I had about coming was completely unnecessary. I’m so glad that I called ahead and was able to arrange for everything I needed.

Oh and last but not least, on day 20 (yesterday) I weighed myself & saw that I’ve lost 20 pounds! Now, please remember that 2 weeks before I started juicing (on April 1st) I started the 21 day raw reset and lost about 5 pounds of that weight prior to juicing. I don’t know when I realized it but my wedding ring started fitting better and yesterday I wore a pair of slacks that I haven’t fit into for some time…and I even had room in them! I am so encouraged to keep going šŸ™‚

If juicing is a completely foreign concept to you, check out movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for free! It has inspired thousands of people to take their health into their own hands.


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