Day 22 & 23

8 May

The last couple of days have been fairly uneventful….except for the absolutely delicious juice I discovered today, thanks to a post in a juicing FB group I’m in called 60 Day Juice Fast Reboot Not everyone on the page is doing a 60 day juice fast but everyone is very supportive of each other and we share a bunch of information….including this super amazing juice called…Apple Pie Juice! Holy Moly is it freaking awesome! I will admit, it isn’t the best choice for someone with blood sugar issues, like myself, but I only had 1 serving (that’s a whole other story) and if you’re craving something sweet and dessert-like, this one is a winner!


3 Apples
1 Sweet Potato
Cinnamon to Taste

Now for the “whole other story”. It’s the end of Tuesday and I still haven’t made a menu for this week…which means I’m taking forever to decide on what juices to make and not always making enough of each juice as some recipes yield more then others so I’m spending way more time juicing then necessary. I have said before that it is easier for me to follow a menu plan…why haven’t I done one this week? I seriously have no answer for that. I will post the menu I made for my second week juicing…I put an extra couple of recipes on there in case I wanted to change things up…and I didn’t dictate which day I would have which juice but I picked 2 juices off of my menu each day and the ingredients made about a quart of juice – although some of them made 2 quarts. Most of the recipes are on my Pinterest Juice board, however, some of them are from the Young and Raw 21 Day Raw Reset Cleanse recipes. I usually have about 5, 16 oz juices a day. I got the recipes I wanted to use down and then on the second page (over to the right) I listed the ingredients as I would need them for half a day’s juice…I printed out page 2 and kept it by my juicer so that in the mornings I would pick 2, make them and move on with my day. In any event, here is my week 2 menu…I must make one of the rest of this week!

Juicing days 8 through 14 Recipes


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