Day 25 & 26

11 May

Day 25 had me in the strawberry fields! I absolutely LOVE strawberry picking! My friend Jamie came to hang out we had a blast. We are pictured below with the spoils of our adventure


It kind of stinks to go strawberry picking and not be able to eat them in the picking process…or in the washing and preparing to freeze process…but I will say that I am enjoying getting to have them in the juicing process:). Today I made a juice similar to the Easy Starter I made 2 days ago but I’m out of oranges so I just left them out. It was still quite tastey…and very green!


Last night I was hanging out at home wearing shorts I was unable to wear last summer…I love that:) I was wearing them while I prepared my strawberries to be frozen. I let them soak in the sink half filled with water, some apple cider vinegar & a couple of tablespoons of baking soda (thank you Casey for the recommendation) I then removed the greens (with a lovely pampered chef tool) and put them on a single layer in a Pyrex and put it in the freezer (you could use a metal cookie sheet but mine are all stoneware) and then this morning I put them in a ziplock. Hubby is not complaining about freshly picked and frozen strawberries in his smoothies 🙂 However, it looks like I will have to go strawberry picking again soon because I apparently only left enough unfrozen for 2 juices. I’m on a serious strawberry kick…and it seems as long as I juice them with some greens, I’m good. No blood sugar issues:). Plus they are packed with vitamin C & I read that we can better absorb vitamin C when we have it with iron….thank you Kale:)

I had to make tomorrow’s juices tonight and I used the rest of my strawberries in a new recipe; Magenta Explosion I love the name! I’m out of cucumbers so I used kale & romaine instead. I tried a couple of sips & It tasted delish!

I’m still praying that this stupid staph infection goes away for good. I just ordered an essential oil called Shield that I am hoping will help…the product description is interesting. It should be here next week. My condition is improving but it’s not going away…oh and then I had an allergic reaction to the tape of a band aid…yay…can’t wait till this is gone. But while talking to my wonderful Mother in law today, she made an excellent point; “If juicing can help cure cancer, I’m sure it can help cure your staph infection”. I appreciate her wisdom and encouragement.

Must get to bed…tomorrow is synagogue and I’m teaching the 3-5 year olds…and then I get to hit Trader Joes and Whole Foods…only I won’t need as much stuff because I got some great produce from my local farmers market this week:)


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