Day 28 – A day with many questions

12 May

Well, lots of pictures were taken today but none of juice. My friend Karra came over today and finished helping me organize my garage…I will be having a yard sale in the near future now that the weather is getting nicer and I’m finally getting rid of stuff that has gone through several moves unused. According to the Army, we are moving to Korea this fall so I have to get rid of a whole bunch of stuff. (I wonder if there is any correlation between shedding pounds & getting rid of extra stuff from my garage…hmmmmm) In any event, I’m listing all kinds of stuff on Craig’s List and local garage sale FB pages…hence the picture-taking.

I did not make the watermelon juice as originally planned ( I will have to do that tomorrow) but I did make Green Giant juice. The thing that is super interesting about this one is that it has pomegranate seeds…I had never juiced those before. I’m glad I found it. Here a picture from the juice’s originator:

To get the recipe to produce a quart and a half I added an extra romaine heart, cucumber, apple and a whole lemon instead of a half. It was a nice, different green juice.

Something I keep meaning to include in my blog about being on a juice fast is that I find myself being cold all the time….like ALL the time! At the first sign of warm weather, historically, I have been the first person on my block to turn on the air conditioner and leave it set at 70 degrees…especially at night. Not these days! I am forever covering myself with a fleece blanket when hanging out in the living room and find I must wear layers-even when it is going up to 75 degrees…the other day the temp in my house got up to 76 degrees and hubby put on the air to cool it down to 72….and I ended up putting on a fleece. I have heard others doing a juice fast mention being cold too…I wonder what that’s all about.

Another thing I wanted to mention about this journey is the wonderful juicing community on Facebook. I just joined another group called Rebooting 101-All About Juicing what is so fascinating to me about the groups is all of the information and resources that get shared. Someone in this group listed Rawganic Vegan who offers a plethora of information. I love it!

Well, today’s post leaves a bunch of questions without answers but sometimes it just works out that way. Maybe sleeping on it will give me some answers…or not….only one way to find out…Good Night 🙂


2 Responses to “Day 28 – A day with many questions”

  1. Marie May 13, 2013 at 7:07 pm #


    You are cold because the fruits and veggies you are using have cooling properties to them. These veggies naturally grow in the warmer months are our creator built those properties into them for that reason…so we could cool off. Implement more ginger and if you can juice some turmeric root too. They will help warm you up. So would just a small piece of cayenne pepper. I can give you the recipe for an Ayurvedic warming drink you could do at least every couple days during the fast if you want to stay warm 🙂

    • troyesthoughts May 13, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

      Marie-I would love that – thank you! I use ginger at least every other day and turmeric about once a week…I would love some more juice recipes that utilize turmeric too!

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