Day 29-a day of neat goodies

14 May

I finally got to make my watermelon cucumber mint juice! It was delicious. I used nearly half of a small seedless watermelon, a huge cucumber (probably about the size of 1.5 normal ones) and a small handful of mint. Next time I will use more mint though…or I was thinking basil might be nice too. It wasn’t a beautiful color but it sure tasted good! I got about 40oz of juice.


I had a doctors appointment (which ended up being kind of unnecessary and a waste of time) but the strangest thing happened during it…I was sipping on a juice (not the watermelon one but one with more veggies) and about halfway through my 16oz to go cup, my stomach growled…and I wasn’t even feeling very hungry! I have no idea what that was about. Anyone who might know, I welcome your feedback!

After I left my appointment I stopped by my friend Alisa’s house for a visit. She’s going to be moving soon (this happens A LOT with military families) and I wanted to spend some time with her before things get totally nuts with packing and such…in any event, she got a juicer for Mother’s Day! (What an awesome husband she has:). So now she is incorporating new juice recipes into her already healthy diet…she even posted a pic on Facebook of her pre-school aged daughter drinking (and loving) green juice! I am really going to miss her-we are both on the same sheet of music about health-related things and DIY home-made, non-toxic products. She also gave me some home made, non toxic sunscreen-that would be neat goodie number 1 of today.

Then I got home and the post man had delivered 2 packages of neat goodies! I found the coolest company online-I believe it was mentioned in one of my juicing Facebook groups (I told u-there is some awesome info shared in those groups!) They are called EcoJarz and they have the most amazing accessories to help you drink your juices (or smoothies) right out of your mason jar with reusable, stainless steel straws! These tops basically turn your jars into a to-go cup….I had to try it out on my dinner portion of juice (even though I wasn’t going anywhere;)

I also advanced ordered some for wide mouth jars as they have not released them yet…I ordered the toxin-free silicone ones. They also have stainless steel ones. They are offering a 10% discount on the wide mouth jar accessories for a limited time…just an FYI…I like sales…I am Jewish, after all…I don’t like to pay full, retail price….ever ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you’re wondering what juice was in that quart sized jar, it was Detoxifying Kale juice.

Another part of my healing journey is starting to include essential oils. I was just turned onto a new company called Spark Naturals that offers really high quality oils at a great price. (Neat goodie number 3) There is an oil called Shield that I am using to help eradicate this awful staph infection I’ve been fighting. The oil has an interesting story behind it. The infection seems to be mostly gone at this point (finally) but I don’t want it to come back…ever! I’m also hoping that their Zen oil will help me be kinder during “that” time of month.

And the journey continues…tomorrow is day 30, my new half way point ๐Ÿ™‚

***please know I have not been offered any payment or free product for the above comments…I am just sharing my journey and the tools I am finding along the way


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