Day 31

15 May

Day 31 and I’m trying new things…like flower pot gardening…historically, I have not done well with plants but I’m working on changing that…I am hoping my thumbs will get green! Below is the start…all ingredients I use in my juices; Basil, Italian Parsley, tomatoes (I forget which variety but they r the ones u buy in the store that come on the vine), cucumber & yellow bell pepper. I have a neighbor who has a green house and was given 3 yellow squash plants, a zucchini plant & an eggplant. I also picked up some rosemary today…tomorrow I will be playing in the dirt!


Typically when I use a recipe for cooking, I use it as more of a guide. When it comes to juicing, I’ve pretty much followed recipes and maybe made a couple of substitutions based on ingredients I had in the house…but I’m getting to the point that I’m starting to play around with ingredients a bit more. Below is today’s green juice:

That parsley you see is from my garden šŸ™‚ and the finished product is so beautiful and bright and green! This one is full of vitamins and great for detoxing the liver. Oh and delicious…that’s important!

1 bunch of organic dandelion greens
2 cucumbers
1 green apple
3 lemons
2 handfuls of parsley
2 handfuls broccoli sprouts
10 asparagus spears

This makes about 40oz of juice

I realized that yesterday I should have posted more about what is going on with my body after 30 days of juice fasting…in addition to having lost 25 pounds and have room in shorts and capris that were too tight last summer, my seasonal allergies are gone…like completely gone, I no longer feel like I need stock in Kleenex to break even! I also had been struggling with dandruff…that’s pretty much gone too…I can wear black without being worried. I tried a gazillion topical solutions-nothing worked. Also, because of my diabetes medication, my hair started to thin out considerably…it seems that is no longer the case:) Also (and I will praise the L-rd for this) my staph infection is finally gone! I am also down to 1/4 of the insulin I was taking before this journey started…I’m quite pleased. I can’t wait for what’s in store for when I reach 60 days!


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