Day 32

16 May

Said in my best whiney voice: “I Want a Pumpkin Pie smoothie! And chocolate “ice cream” made out of frozen bananas, raw cacao powder, almond butter & cinnamon!….and freshly picked strawberries! I go strawberry picking and don’t even get to eat the things! Hmph!” Plus theres some sort of Vegan chocolate cake people keep posting pics of on Facebook from a book called “My Beef with Meat”. Seriously, these are the things I’m whining I can’t have? Wow…I’m not whining about French fries or buffalo chicken dip with corn chips or grass fed steaks (although one of those would be nice too…and fresh pasture raised eggs-but hey-no animal products for a while) While juicing is giving me the best nutrition I’ve ever had in my life, I miss food…but apparently the things I’m missing most aren’t junk! This is certainly a step in the right direction.

And today’s juice seriously took care of the strawberry jones…so good, I may make it again tomorrow! I totally made this one up so I’m gonna make up the name too,


20 strawberries
I head Romaine Lettuce
1 handful basil (that one isn’t from my garden but soon there will be some)
1 large cucumber
3 handfuls of spinach (this is from my local farmers market…use more if using baby spinach)
Makes about 40oz

It looked like this when it was done


By the way, did you know that strawberry plants grow pretty little purple flowers? I had no idea! Strawberry picking was fun. I may have to go again next week…they will only be in season here in NC another two to three weeks tops.


Well, off to bed…I will be busy playing in the dirt tomorrow….my flower pot garden seems to be exploding with new plants! It’s nice to have neighbors who are so good at gardening!


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