Day 34

19 May

Day 34 I woke up to a critter-less flower pot garden:). The netting seems to have worked

I suddenly have more things that need to be repotted but today I got my hands on some Dutch lavender, thyme, winter savory & purple basil! I had never seen purple basil before. I have my work cut out for me tomorrow.

Today was synagogue & food shopping @ Trader Joes & Whole Foods. Typically I prefer not to conduct regular business on Shabbat but in this season of my life when I live an hour away from the choice shopping and our synagogue, I’m glad I serve a G-d who is loving and full of grace.

Today’s juices included one of my favorites, Strawberry Mojito (which just happens to be the first recipe I made up) I updated the recipe a bit…I decided it only needs 1 unpeeled lime instead of 2….it’s way better. The second juice I found somewhere (maybe a Facebook post?) and made it for the first time…even the hubby liked this refreshing super green juice called Extra Energy Sorry, I was in a rush and didn’t take pictures…but I used my ecojarz lids and straws and was so thankful to have them…It really is the little things! It’s nice to find things along the way that help make this journey easier.

I got several compliments today…of course who doesn’t love a compliment? But it is cool when others can see the progress-that feels extra amazing. Today I wore a skirt that I’ve had for several years but could not wear last summer…it’s really nice going into my closet and finding things to wear that have been in a pile of “too small” for so long. I’m pretty sure I’m about the weight I was when we moved to NC 2 years ago. I remember weighing myself a lot that summer because I had switched to a paleo lifestyle and was doing cross-fit with my neighbors…while I loved that style of eating, it did not heal my body.

One of the issues that has come up in some of the Facebook juicing groups is people dealing with negativity about doing a juice fast from the people in their lives. Thankfully, this is not something I’m experiencing in my own journey right now, but my heart goes out to people who are dealing with it. Sometimes people act like crabs in a bucket…when one climbs up, it is pulled down by another who can’t get out of the bucket. Some people would rather see you eat pizza, brownies and beer then see you do something really healthy for yourself because it makes them think about what they are putting in their own mouth…And let’s face it, most people want to do what they do and don’t want to think about negative consequences(myself included!). Just by virtue of having a diet that is out of the ordinary, you cause people to think about these things without ever opening your mouth-whether you mean to or not. When doing a juice fast and detoxing your body, you also get to deal with emotional yuck…this may mean that some people need to be reprioritized. As you purge clothes that no longer fit, you may have to purge relationships that no longer fit well too-or at least create a new set of boundaries. After all, had I chosen to do bariatric surgery, I would have been loosing weight at the same rate and that is considered safe by most people, right? While I’ve known people who have had both great success and great let down with bariatric surgery, I’m glad I found a new way to be healthy and watch the pounds disappear while turning down the dial on my insulin pen:)


4 Responses to “Day 34”

  1. Alisa Johnson May 19, 2013 at 8:08 am #

    I love this Troye! Crabs in a bucket! Haha! So true!

    • troyesthoughts May 19, 2013 at 12:39 pm #

      🙂 sometimes it’s our own family members that act that way too!

  2. Barbara May 20, 2013 at 11:23 am #

    Hi Troye! I love reading your blog – it is very encouraging! I just had to tell you how good you looked on Shabbat – it is noticeable not just in your “decreased size” but on your face; you are beaming!! I am so proud of you for hanging in there to find something that works for you and sticking to it. Also, I just shared your blog with a girlfriend and wanted to let you know that you are touching people’s lives with your blogging, too. Love you girl!

    • troyesthoughts May 20, 2013 at 6:14 pm #

      Awe Barb, Thanks so much! I really appreciate your encouragement! Love you too, dear friend!

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