Day 37 the power of Language

21 May

As of today I’m down 30lbs! I’m about the weight I was nearly 2 years ago, shortly after I started a paleo diet (lifestyle) and doing cross-fit workouts with my neighbors. For those that may not be familiar with paleo, it eliminates all grains, processed sugar and legumes (some eliminate dairy too) and allows you to eat as much grass fed, pasture raised, animal products that your heart desires. While I definitely enjoyed eating that way, it didn’t heal my body the way this is…I certainly was not able to lower my insulin like I am now.

Back to today’s focus; language. I don’t like to say “I lost 30 pounds”. I believe there is power in the words we use and to me, when I’ve lost something, it usually means I want it back. As in “I think I’ve lost my Bluetooth headset-I can’t find it anywhere” (Yes, that is for real, unfortunately.) I don’t want those 30lbs back! (However, I’d be happy if my headset turned up.) I’ve heard people refer to “shedding weight”. Kind of like my dog shedding (which she does A LOT of!). She doesn’t want that fur back…or a snake who sheds its skin…it’s gone forever. So as of today, I’ve shed 30 pounds and it feels great!

Today’s green juice is my own new concoction (i guess i should say recipe…the focus of today’s post is language, after all) which I am calling the Jolly Green Goblin

2 heads of broccoli
4 cups of spinach
2 Granny Smith apples 1 green bell pepper
5 asparagus stalks
5 Brussels sprouts large ones…more if using smaller ones)
1 large handful basil
1 romaine heart (not pictured)
1 lime (with peel)
Makes about 1 quart

It is a beautiful shade of green


Tomorrow is my local farmers market. im looking forward to more fresh produce. Juice on, Friends!


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