Day 41

26 May

Day 41 brought on some very interesting conversations. People are really seeing the weight loss and I love their comments! Even Jeff, the guy who works in the produce section at whole foods said he noticed a glow in my skin this week and gave me a high five for being able to reduce my insulin by more then 3/4!

At Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago I had a conversation about juicing with a cashier named Amy…she didn’t have a juicer yet and a brand new one was pricey…I suggested Craig’s list to her (since that’s where I got mine). I saw her again today she got an even better deal on her Breville then I got on mine! Way to go Amy! Juice on!

I also have talked to a couple of friends who are considering starting a juice fast. I’m so excited to be able to stand along side them and be a support. I really recommend that anyone considering a juice fast get the 21 day raw reset cleanse from Young and Raw. This program really prepares your body for a juice fast….the people I see struggling the most are the ones that immediately transition from their typical diet (even if its generally healthy) straight to a long tern juice fast. The private Facebook group is also super helpful. I can’t put a price on the value of having access to a holistic nutritionist when I had a gazillion questions and concerns at the beginning of my cleanse. I am clear that this program has greatly contributed to my ability to be on a juice fast this long. Of course, as I stated in my first post on this blog, G-d has brought me here and is absolutely giving me the strength to keep going. I am soooo looking forward to the day I no longer need insulin!

My interesting observation for today is that normally at this time of month I am craving chocolate…even last month at this time while I had already been juicing a couple of weeks, I wanted chocolate or something sweet…but this month-no cravings! Plus I’ve been using an essential oil blend called Zen and I’ve been pretty even tempered-which for me, is a huge accomplishment. The last couple of months I have been flying off the handle. It’s nice to feel balanced during this time of the month:)



2 Responses to “Day 41”

  1. Erin W. May 26, 2013 at 2:28 pm #

    Way to go! What amazing results! That has got to feel good to see and feel the difference from when you started until now.

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