Day 42

26 May

I just had the most AMAZING juice ever! I’m pretty sure when I get to heaven, this will be there. I have to wait a couple of hours to see how it affects my blood sugar but if you don’t have those issues, go make this juice and enjoy. This also happens to be one of the least time-consuming juices to make.

**Update- this juice definitely spiked my blood sugar…for those of you following that issue, it was 180 2 hours after I drank this…plus I had taken a low dose of insulin before drinking it.

Peach Cobbler Juice
1 large sweet potato (peeled or unpeeled-your choice…I didn’t peel it but did rinse it)
3 peaches (pit removed)
1 sprinkle cinnamon
Makes about 16 oz


Well, I’m off to go play in the dirt and mess with my garden. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!


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