Day 46

31 May

Day 46 and I’m thinking more and more about eating again. I just ordered a veggie spiralizer that will turn zucchini and squash (which will hopefully be growing in my garden soon…the plants have flowers so I’m keeping my fingers crossed) into “pasta”. I’m getting excited about getting into preparing raw meals. I am hoping to continue to loose weight after my juice fast is over plus I want to get off of insulin. I’m pretty sure plant-based, mostly raw is the way for me to proceed. It seems to be what my body is responding to best.

Ever have a day where things just didn’t go as planned? Yeah…today was one of those…even my juices didn’t work out as planned…I wanted something peachy. I was originally going to try Peachy Green (I should have stuck with that recipe) but instead I did this:

8 kale leaves
4 peaches
2 cucumbers
3 collard green leaves (they needed to be used before going bad)
1/2 a bunch of dandelion greens (which were in the same boat as the collards)
1/2 lemon with peel
Makes 1 quart
(It probably could have used a Fuji apple)

It was OK…nothing to write home about and it didn’t have the strong peach flavor I was hoping for…although my friend was over when I made it and she really liked it. It didn’t cause my blood sugar to spike so that is good.

The second juice I was really excited about….until I tasted it…I even had a cool name for it-Berry, berry healthy juice. However my husband liked it…so I’m kind of starting to wonder if my taste buds are having an off day.

10 strawberries
1 pint blueberries
1/4 head of green cabbage
2 cucumbers (I think 1 would have been better)
1 handful basil

In any event, I’m not pinning them because I don’t plan on making them again. Tomorrow is a new day with new juice possibilities…I believe a juice with jicama is in my near future:)

A new thing I’m trying today is making my own kombucha. My friend Lauren supplied me with the scoby. Kombucha is a fermented tea that is high in probiotics…which I’m clear I need way more of as my staph infection seems to have decided to make a brief reappearance. It’s already going away after 2 days but I seriously want it to not come back…probiotics are part of how I intend on making that happen. If you’ve never seen a scoby, it looks like an alien…plus since I ended up making too much tea, I cut part of the scoby off (so gross) to put in a second jar…I hope that’s ok…I could not get ahold of Lauren (who is a fermented foods queen in her own right) to make sure that is ok, but I guess we will see…I have a gallon and a half out on the table to ferment. It won’t be ready till after I break my fast.


Here are my instructions:



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