Day 50 & 51

5 Jun

Today is Tuesday and unfortunately I have only lost half a pound since Friday…I’ve done some walking but I’m thinking I’ve really got to step it up. Obviously I’ve hit a plateau and I don’t want to stay stuck here. While “here” is a great place to have reached, I’m not done. I’m seriously considering doing the coffee enemas too…from what I’m reading and hearing about them, the benefits outweigh my “ewww, gross” reflex.

I received more goodies in the mail (gotta love Amazon). My vegetable spiralizer arrived! I really am getting prepared to get to eat again :). I’m looking forward to making some cool dishes like Raw Alfredo. I still miss meat but I am finding a ton of options I’m looking forward to making.

I also got a wonderful gift from a very dear and warm hearted stranger who responded to a prayer request I had on the Proverbs 31 Woman Facebook page a little while back. I asked for prayer for healing of my staph infection. There was a point it had gotten so bad I couldn’t think of anything else to do-nothing was working to get rid of it. Melanie, who is a Young Living Essential Oils distributor not only prayed for me but sent me a sample of some essential oils to help me with my most recent occurrence. This is not a regular practice of any YL consultant and I can’t tell you how thankful I am that G-d put this kind stranger (and sister in the L-rd) in my life! What a blessing.

As for juices, I have not made any new creations. However I did make a juice for the second time that I forgot I wasn’t actually even crazy about the first time around. But hubby liked it, so it’s worth mentioning. I hear in smoothie form its absolutely delicious (so says a handful of staff members at Trader Joe’s in Cary, NC)
Watermelon Delight:
About half a seedless watermelon (on the smaller side)
2 cucumbers
1 handful of mint


****sorry that this was written on Tuesday but didn’t get posted till the next day…I got distracted before I hit “publish”.


3 Responses to “Day 50 & 51”

  1. Heather June 6, 2013 at 1:43 am #

    That does sound delicious!! I will have to try it.

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