Day 2 post juice fast

16 Jun

Day 2 of breaking my fast and I’m still feeling great! I had juice this morning and had some more of that delicious tropical green smoothie I made last night. I probably had about a pint’s worth of smoothie today although not all at once…and today, my sugar did not spike at all. My plan was to have juice in the morning and alternate between juice and smoothie for the rest of the day. That went over well.

I feel like I’m slowly waking up my digestive system and my body is responding well to it. I was chatting with my friend Mara earlier and she shared a story she had heard of someone breaking a long term fast with fast food! Can u guess what happened? Yeah…he was super sick and couldn’t keep the food down…bright move, brain surgeon. That’s like holding a gun up to your sleeping digestive system and saying “work super hard RIGHT NOW!” Even eating solid food can make a person sick the first day. For me, this journey is about seeing my body healed. I want to continue to do the best I can for it, not make it sick in favor of eating a particular food. Now, THAT is a very different outlook for me. In the past, my cravings and desire for food dictated what went in my mouth.

I will leave you to think on this:



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