A New Year and A New Plan

4 Jan

Well, it’s now 2015 and 2014 was pretty awesome.  It certainly had its challenges, but my son Gabriel was born and he truly is our miracle baby.  He is now 9 months old.  He is an absolute joy-even the rough days like when he’s teething or feverish or has been up every 2 hours throughout the night, I still find joy in his sweet little face. In Korea were were successful in being able to have a bris (traditional Jewish circumcision ceremony) which was an extremely big deal. We took a 6 week trip to the US so that he could meet his family. We traveled to 6 states in 6 weeks, Gabriel got to meet grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and lifelong family friends. We were blessed to reconnect with our synagogue in NC and our mishpocha there. James performed 3 Mussica Missio concerts and we ended our trip with him marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the Madison Scouts, the drum corps he marched with 20 years ago.

Even though I was mostly eating healthy during my pregnancy, I gained 40lbs.  Not bad considering I had lost 45lbs right before getting pregnant as a result of my juice fast. I heard that many women loose their weight quickly when they are breastfeeding.  How nice for them.  That was certainly not me :/  I lost about 15lbs in my first couple of weeks after having my son (who ended up being a c-section but that is a story for another time-I’m thankful he was born healthy even if it wasn’t the natural birth I had hoped I would have). However, then, my wonderful mother-in-law who came to Korea for his birth had to fly home and my husband had to return to work.  Which meant that I had to fend for myself when it came to making sure I ate-and I needed to eat quite a bit as the baby was nursing all the time those first few months.  Well, he wouldn’t let me put him down to sleep which meant he was in my arms the majority of the time.  The few moments I had without him in my arms I had to choose whether to sleep, eat, shower or cook.  Cooking did not win.  So I started eating things that could be prepared quickly or were pre-prepared and could be eaten with one hand-those things couldn’t be hot since that meant I was eating over the (most likely nursing) baby. Fast forward to 9 months postpartum and I am as heavy as I was at 9 months pregnant with no energy and a terrible addiction to milk chocolate.

Now that Gabriel is older and I am able to spend a bit more time in the kitchen preparing food, it’s time to do something to make my body healthy again.  Because I am breastfeeding, I can’t do a true detox like a juice fast because those toxins would be able to pass through to the breastmilk.  I have a couple of friends who have had great success with breaking their sugar addictions and transitioning to healthier eating habits by doing the Whole30 program. I am starting mine tomorrow. I have a friend in the US starting the same day (although my day starts 16 hours before hers with the time difference) and one friend in Korea doing it with me too. I am looking forward to having energy again, hopefully shedding some of this baby-weight and the biggest hope is to get my blood sugar back under control. And I plan to do all this while taking care of a teething baby who is starting to crawl. Prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated.

Here is a family picture from about 3 months ago10710446_10203735780208228_7924688867220927609_o


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